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 I have worked in the fields of private counselling and personal development education for 35 years. I hold National University of Ireland accredited postgraduate degrees in both Counselling Psychology and in Philosophy.

The theme that runs through all my work in the fields of psychology, education and philosophy is the commitment to be a part of the unfolding mystery and magic of what it means to be human.  I feel deeply privileged to share the healing journey of recovery that many of my clients have had to navigate.  But I always see that process as getting ready for the adventure of becoming the best they can be.  That adventure is often full of surprises on the way to  fulfilment, meaning and purpose.  I have a passionate interest in being part of that adventure for all the people I engage with as either a teacher, counsellor, coach or mentor.


Appointments cannot be made via email.

I currently have a 3 month waiting list.

I can be contacted on 0879910793

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