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"Philosophy for Living" combines the  wisdom of the great philosophers with the findings of modern psychology to produce content that addresses the needs and aspirations of  people as they navigate how to live their best lives in the modern world

New lecture coming soon: 

Homo Sapiens or Homo Feelius.!

'Homo Sapiens' refers to "Thinking Man". The historical period referred to as 'The Enlightenment' (1600+)  brought vast changes, mostly for the better, to the human condition. The main factors that underpinned these changes were the development of human reason, scientific progress and humanism.    Recent social and cultural developments are degrading the emphasis on reason and replacing it with a focus on feelings as the main arbiter of truth and social/education policy.  I call this phenomenon 'Homo Feelius' i.e.feeling man.

This lecture discusses the implications, both good and ill, of these developments and the effects on how people live and cope in the modern world. 


   Reflections on Carl Jung's Modern Man in Search of a Soul.

This lecture considers how Jung's insights regarding the soul can help in the modern spiritual crisis facing many people who are confronting the confusion, nihilism and emptiness.  This is primarily a result of the current dominance of technology and the resulting effects that produce shallow thinking and superficial  living.

Access the lecture with this link.

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The lecture will be available to watch on 22/7/2022

IACP accredited for 10 CPD points.

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                         THE EXAMINED LIFE                                             

                    Lecture 1. Awareness.

                    Lecture 2. Developing your Thinking

                    Lecture 3. The Birth of the Self.- Nature vs Nurture

                    Lecture 4. Personal Identity. Who Are You?

                    Lecture 5. Freedom and Personal Empowerment.

                    Lecture 6. Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life

W hen you purchase, press "return to merchant" and you will get access to the workbook which contains all the links for the lectures. I recommend you print out the workbook so you can work alongside the lecture content.

Price 75€ 

* Course includes 6 hours of high quality lecture material with 25 page workbook to be used alongside the lecture content featuring all reference material as well as self reflection exercises to engage you in applying lecture content to your own life.

In this course you will be introduced to insights from: 

Althusser, Arendt, Baudrillard, Dostoevsky, Heidegger, Frankl, Fromm, Foucault, Jung, Kant, Kierkegaard, C.S. Lewis, Marcuse, Marx, Nietzsche, Ortega, Plato, Rousseau, Sartre, Socrates and others. 

 Continual Professional Development Points.


If you wish to use this course for CPD points you will need to complete a short online assessment with regard to the content to ensure you have engaged with the material. 

This is a separate condition and costs 20 for assessment and certification.  This is arranged by contacting me at after you have  purchased the course.

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