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'Children Under the Influence' deals with the destructive effects of alcoholism on all members of the family.  It focuses particularly on the unhealthy personality patterns that emerge in early childhood and continue throughout adolescence into adulthood-patterns that are characteristic of those who grow up in traumatic environments, and are responsible for much emotional pain and unhappiness in adult life.  It also examines ways in which these destructive patterns can be recognised and prevented, and how children in alcoholic families can be helped to grow into healthy and fulfilled adults.  Those whose adult lives are still affected by their childhood experience of an alcoholic home will also find particular relevant information, guidance and hope.

Most personal development books are written by women, bought by women and read by women. Men are more reluctant to engage in efforts at self discovery: they see it as a sign of weakness. But this can have serious consequences for men's health as well as for the functioning of society as a whole. Ordinary Heroes finally fills this gap: it is a personal development book written by a man for men. Shaped by cultural, social and psychological forces to fit the expectations of society, men have had little opportunity to develop and express their emotional selves. Their capacity to live balanced lives, to enjoy intimacy, to be good fathers and to experience deep friendship, have all been compromised. As a result men suffer from a wide variety of physical, emotional and spiritual disorders leading to widespread addiction, unhappiness, violence, loneliness and despair. Ordinary Heroes explains these issues and offers understanding and guidance to men who wish to make the changes necessary for a better, healthier future, for themselves, for those they love and for the wider society in which they live. Other books by Michael Hardiman Addiction - The common Sense Approach Healing Life's Hurts.
Many families are touched by addiction in some form. Few families know how to recognise it. Even fewer know how to deal with it when it affects them or someone close to them. Michael Hardiman brings us step by step along the route to addiction and towards overcoming it. He starts by explaining what addiction is, what causes it and what sustains it. He examines the different kinds: physical addiction, to substances such as nicotine, alcohol, prescription and illegal drugs; and psychological addiction, to such things as food, work, relationships, gambling, shopping etc. He also provides practical advice on recovery - how to overcome the addiction yourself, where to go for help and counselling, and courses available. The book includes directories of useful addresses and further reading. Other books by Michael Hardiman Healing Life's Hurts Ordinary Heroes.
Everyone subconsciously constructs a map for life out of the early formative experiences of family, school and adolescence, and this map shepherds us through life. Damaging experiences that have occurred in our early years can underlie many of the painful conditions that we experience as an adult. But the good news is that life does not have to be so difficult - it is possible to change direction. Michael Hardiman examines the areas of recovery and personal development in a way that gives due credit to the difficulties, challenges and opportunities that present themselves along the way. Written in a supportive style, practical in approach and using non-technical language, 'Healing Life's Hurts' will enable us to let go of the destructive patterns formed early in our lives and to follow a richer and more fulfilling life. Other books by Michael Hardiman Addiction - The common Sense Approach Ordinary Heroes.
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